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About Me

My works are based on sacred geometry, yantras and mandalas, ET crop circles, fractals and spiritual art.

Sacred Geometry use the basic geometric figures, which generates all shapes around us, universal laws, ratios and essential rules of creation. This essential rules was used by God in the creation process, in all aspects of creation we will find with no except various aspects of this elementary geometry. Viewing my works healing your body, raises your vibration, enhancing your awareness, harmonize your left and right brain hemispheres.

Yantras and Mandalas is an art technique which help you to enter into communion with many lokas of astral plane, angels, heavenly worlds, goddess, astral entities. This works can be used for meditate, transcend your ego, find true peace, deep ecstasy and enlightenment.

A part of my works are based on ET crop circles, this works help you to enter into communion with entities from other planets, from this universe or parallel universes and other dimensions.

Fractals are fragmented geometric shape where each part is similar with all the fractal shape. Fractals are generated recursively using self-similarity method so theoretically are infinite. Our univere is an enormous fractal containing other fractals up to microcosm. This help you to find initial integration in nature and universe.

Face to face to my fantasy:
Face to face with my fantasy

I spend all my life
to find a little things
and I remain with Nothing
on my hands.

This Nothing has grown up
and I find inside
all the lost things
in a splendid shine.

They are only reflections
of my self.
Here my fantasy
embrace the infinity!

I realise this:
I am only a Mirror...
I am only Harmony...
I am only Love...
I am only I...
I am All...